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When the summers creeping in and the sun is baking the ground unforgivingly, there’s nothing like the cool breeze of an air conditioner to bring a little civility back into your life. We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve been forced to suffer in an unconditioned office, or found ourselves trying to sleep through a sweltering heat. Heat takes its toll on productivity, can create dangerous scenarios where heatstroke becomes a factor, and can create conditions where conflict can spread in a home or work environment. No one is happy when they’re over-hot, and that’s why you need the best available service in the industry today.

Is your family sweltering in the summer heat, trying to get any kind of relief they can? Are you and your family having trouble sleeping at night in the face of the cloying heat that makes even a sheet too much? Are your employees complaining of the heat, and spending more time around the water cooler than at their desks? Are there more arguments than solutions happening in your office, driven by irritability brought on by heat?

There’s a lot that can go wrong with an A/C unit, from leaks in the coolant system leading to reduced or absent cooling. Chirping and clicking sounds often mean a relay is going out and needs to be replaced, while a high-pitched squeal signals a failing compressor. These are just a few of the indicators, and with 40 years of experience our experts will be able to assess your need, identify the problem, and have your AC unit back up and keeping your home or business cool in no time!

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Imagine not having to suffer through the summer heat any longer, as our AC experts tell you the problems solved! Just think what it would be like to not wonder, but know, that your service will be done right the first time, seeing you through the dog days of the season. Just imagine finally being able to change your stifling, oppressive space into a cool retreat again!


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“It was during the height of summer, and the first few service centers we tried told us they were booked for weeks. I had a newborn and couldn’t wait, Ventura Appliance Repair got someone out the same day when I told them what was at stake. There’s nothing like working with a company that protects your families health and comfort like it’s their own.” ~ Tamara P.


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When you don’t have time to get your repairs done at someone else’s convenience, but instead need professionals who know that your life and business runs on no clock but its own. Our team of experts will be there to bring the chill back to your day, and help you and your family finally get the rest and relaxation you need after being out in the sizzling summer heat. Give Ventura Appliance Repair a call today, and we’ll have you back in the cool comfort of running A/C today!

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