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Are you getting unpleasant smells in your kitchen from throwing away organic waste because your disposal is on the fritz? Are you having to pay for extra containers or run to the dump because your trash compactor isn’t doing its job? Have your garbage disposal options, whether disposal or compactor, been throwing the breaker every time you try to put it into operation? Have you found foul smelling puddles on your floor from a unit that’s leaking?

When you’re dealing with a malfunctioning disposal, you’ll need a technician who knows his way around your unit. There’s a great difference in cost between simply replacing a start switch versus recognizing a defective motor that requires the entire unit to be replaced. This is a costly option in any case, but especially when what you’re dealing with is a trash compactor rather than a disposal. Thankfully, our technicians at Ventura Appliance Repair have been trained on all the most popular models of compressor and disposal to make sure they know just what to do.


Ventura garbage disposal Repair


Trash compactors and disposals alike provide an excellent way of reducing your waste disposal costs, by eliminating how much needs to go out in your weekly garbage pickup. We know that these extra costs can be detrimental to your family and business, and we’ll have your system back up and ready to go in record time. Our professional service technicians will be out to your home to assess the issue at hand, and determine whether a repair will be sufficient, or if a full replacement is in order. Having been trained with the best techniques and knowledge available, they make sure they only suggest a replacement if it’s absolutely necessary.

Imagine having your equipment back up and running and ready to go, pressing down that garbage and saving you money every week. Just think what it will be like to have a technician out not in a few days, but a few hours, to see to it that your home or business doesn’t have to wait to have its waste repair solution back in action. Just imagine finally getting that garbage that’s been piling up into the compressor, rather than piling up around your unit and creating unsanitary conditions.

Ventura trash compactor Repair


When it’s time to get your unit serviced and repaired, calling the professionals at Ventura Appliance Repair will make sure no time is wasted. We know that every moment that your disposal or trash compactor is out of operation, is another moment that trash has to pile up. Whether we’re dealing with a simple home disposal, or a full size compactor at your restaurant or apartment complex, our technicians will be out immediately to get your life back on track.

It’s time to stop calling on companies that don’t treat your waste solution problems as their own, rather than scheduling you for days or weeks out. We know that your appliance service needs can’t wait, and need to be taken care of immediately. Give Ventura Appliance Repair a call today, and get professional, personable service with a sense of urgency!


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Ventura Appliance Repair is your source for efficient, professional repair of your family’s appliances. Don’t waste your time and energy calling anyone else, contact us today for the best service in the industry: 888-604-8207

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