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Has your freezer not been cooling as completely lately, and cleaning off the condenser coils didn’t help? Are you finding a thick layer of ice wrapped about your freezer coils, and you’ve already checked to make sure the gasket is in place? Have you been having to mop up pools of water gathering about the base of your freezer, and aren’t sure where it’s coming from? Has there been a constant clicking sound coming from inside your freezer, and the compressor is running intermittently?

When you encounter problems like these, you can trust the trained professionals at Venture Appliance Repair to treat your appliances with the same care and respect they treat their own. We’ve been providing quick and efficient repair services in the Ventura Area with 40 years of experience for a long time, and are ready to service your family or business today.


Ventura freezer Repair


We know that having a freezer go down can be catastrophic to a business that relies on it, whether they’re installed in your break-room or used to store food until it’s ready to be prepared for your customers, it’s essential to keeping your business up and running. When your family’s freezer goes out, the potential expense of having to replace lost food is just the beginning, water leaks can cause permanently and costly damage to the floor and walls around the unit.

Imagine knowing that your unit is going to be serviced the day you call, not in a few days when the damage has been done. Just think about the security of knowing that your service professional will have your family and business back on track without delay. Just imagine no longer listening to that wheezing, buzzing, clicking freezer, and instead enjoying the security of a freezer that’s been serviced by trained professionals. Think about the comfort that comes with being advised on your possible replacement by someone who isn’t worried about the bottom line, just getting you what you and your family or business needs.

Ventura freezer Repair


Ventura Appliance Repair is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its neighbors in the Ventura area, treating every service call with a pleasant professionalism that leaves you feeling like you’re dealing with family. When we come out to service a freezer unit, we take into account how bad of shape the device is in, and assess what the best steps are to getting it back in working order. At every turn our technicians are trained to find the most advantageous solution for you, your business, or your family.

When you’re ready to put the chill back in your freezer, and don’t have time to wait, give Ventura Appliance Repair a call. We’ll be out to your location and ready to service your ailing freezer immediately. We know whether it’s your family’s freezer or your businesses walk-in, a malfunctioning freezer isn’t worth messing around with. Give a call to the appliance repair professionals at Ventura Appliance repair, and we’ll get have you up and running immediately!


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Ventura Appliance Repair is your source for efficient, professional repair of your family’s appliances. Don’t waste your time and energy calling anyone else, contact us today for the best service in the industry: 888-604-8207

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