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Have you been trying to turn on your heater in the chill of Ventura winters, only to have it continuously blow cold air? When you go to turn on your furnace, does it only occasionally start, or turn on and off seemingly at random? Is the blower on your heater running all the time whether it’s on or not, or worse, not turning on at all? Is there an unpleasant grinding noise coming from within your furnace, or a high pitched squeal, and you’re worried the fan motor may be going out?

In winter, even sunny Ventura can feel the touch of winters chill, and when you’re worried about your families comfort, there’s no time to waste in getting it back online. The same is true of business owners, whether they’re using gas or electric heaters, they need to make sure their employees or customers are comfortable. Cold workers are less efficient, and cold customers are inclined to leave your store quicker, and neither one of these is good for business.


Ventura Heater Repair


Ventura Appliance Repair has been providing excellent, top of the line service for our neighbors in our local area. We know that you need to be serviced quickly, getting your heater or furnace back on line immediately to see after the comfort of your home or business. That’s why our technicians will be there as soon as possible, bringing 40 years of experience and a fleet of trucks with the most up-to-date equipment and know how to get your unit back online. When it’s your family’s comfort on the line, we know there’s no time to waste in getting your heater up, running, and your home comfortable again.

Imagine knowing that the technicians that are coming to service your home have been trained to repair all the most popular units, and won’t offer a replacement unless it’s truly needed. Just think about the relief you’ll feel when our professionals get your furnace up and running, and your family gets to experience the warmth of home. Just imagine that the confidence you’ll feel when you know that your service person recognizes the importance of your device to your business, and will have that back in operation in time to keep your customers happy and comfortable.

Ventura oven Repair


There’s nothing like a running furnace to bring an air of comfort to your home or business during the winter months. With the skill and professionalism that comes from years in the industry, Ventura Appliance Repair will have your unit serviced and running in just a few hours. No more waiting for other companies who put you on the back burner, not treating you with the same care and respect as they would their own families. It’s time to come to the company that knows that without its customers and neighbors, it doesn’t have a business. Call Ventura Appliance Repair today for the professionals who will get you up and running with a personable air that lets you know they truly care about your business.


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Ventura Appliance Repair is your source for efficient, professional repair of your family’s appliances. Don’t waste your time and energy calling anyone else, contact us today for the best service in the industry: 888-604-8207

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