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Is your ice machine malfunctioning, and the guests at your hotel are starting to complain? Is it high summer and your customers are clamoring for ice for their camping trip, but your convenience stores machine is broken down? Are there unpleasant smells coming from your ice machine that are bringing complaints from those who patronize your establishment? Have you been looking for a company that will provide professional service for your ice machine without charging you an arm and a leg?

We here at Ventura Appliance repair know that the ice machine plays a larger part in your business than may immediately be apparent. When you’re running a hotel, the ice machine is an expected amenity that can cost your hotel as much as a full star in reviews, especially in the height of summer. Customers have come to expect ice machines to be a staple of certain businesses they frequent, and hotels are just the beginning.


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If you run a convenience store in high summer, you may be missing out on a lot of business if your ice machine breaks down, families on their way to the beach or out to go shopping for the day, will often do most of their shopping at a convenience store that carries ice. Without a functioning ice machine, they may pack up and take their business elsewhere, and we know that that flood of summer business often carries you throughout the year.

“In the years that my family has been running our hotel, we’ve had to have a technician out to repair our ice machine no less than three times a year. The cost of repairs was one we had to calculate in, they were that consistent. One day a customer of ours told us to give Ventura Appliance a call, their technician came out and did a thorough service and repair for less than the other guy. It’s been 2 years since that day, and we only have him come out once a year for service work! They’ve saved us a huge amount of time and money!” ~ Victoria L. – Hotel Manager

Imagine having a company that will be there at a time that’s convenient for you, ready to get your ice machine up and running again. Just think what it would be like to be confident that your guests will always have ice when they need it, without inconvenient breakdowns. Imagine knowing that when the height of summer comes, the families who are preparing for their vacations will know you always have the ice they need, when they need it.

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The technicians here at Ventura Appliance brings 40 years of experience and dedication to their craft to you and your business. We have a fleet of trucks that will make sure you’ll be serviced at your convenience, by professionals who care about getting the job right the first time. We know you don’t have time for break downs and service calls, so call Ventura Appliance today and get it done right the first time!


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Ventura Appliance Repair is your source for efficient, professional repair of your family’s appliances. Don’t waste your time and energy calling anyone else, contact us today for the best service in the industry: 888-604-8207

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