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Has your baking been coming out of the oven having been cooked unevenly, and you know your ovens to blame? Has your oven light stopped turning on when you open the door, and a replacement didn’t solve the issue? Has your oven door been catching when you open it, or not sealing properly and letting the heat escape? Does your broiler no longer turn on, no matter how long you leave the oven running? Worse, is your oven not turning off when it reaches cooking temperature, leading to burnt and wasted food?

There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to produce a delicious and nutritious meal for your family, and then having a malfunctioning oven ruin all your hard work. The kitchen often serves as the heart of the home, and the food from the oven is what brings everyone together and binds them as family. With such a vital part of your home being out of order, those special moments of family bonding around the dinner table are reduced to nights in the living room with pizza.


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Our technicians understand the importance of providing your family with home-cooked meals out of your oven, and how having that impacted can upset everything. There’s only so much that a microwave oven can do to replace the taste of freshly prepared food, and your family can tell the difference. If you’re a restaurateur trying to provide your delicious signature meals to the public, then having your oven out of whack is damaging not just to your cooking, but to your livelihood.

Imagine having a service technician out to your restaurant to have your oven serviced and get you back to serving the meals you’re famous for. Just imagine not having another family dinner ruined by a malfunctioning oven, causing wasted food, money, and worst of all opportunities for family bonding. Think about the relief you’ll feel when you can see your oven door closed properly, the heating elements working, and the comforting smell of home-made meals ready to serve your family. Think what it would be like to know your restaurants oven is up and running for that dinner rush, ready to serve your customers perfectly cooked food.

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When your livelihood is based around your kitchen, you need a technician who’s going to come out and get your equipment up and running without delay. Every minute your kitchen is out of operation is another opportunity to get a plate out onto that table. In the home the oven serves so many purposes, whether it’s cooking a roast for the evening meal, or a plate of cookies for that holiday celebration. We know that you need your appliance up and running without a moments delay.

So take this opportunity to call Ventura Appliance Repair and have one of our technicians come to your home or business. With our fleet of trucks and 40 years of experience, you can be confident that your equipment will be serviced by the most skilled technicians in the field, getting it right the first time so there’s no need for repeat visits. After all, you get your meals right the first time, can we do any less for the oven that cooks them?


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Ventura Appliance Repair is your source for efficient, professional repair of your family’s appliances. Don’t waste your time and energy calling anyone else, contact us today for the best service in the industry: 888-604-8207

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