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The refrigerator is undoubtedly the most used home appliance in any home; it is always on. They work tirelessly and keep your food items safe and you healthy. But there are times when these food storage wonders get tired and give problems which are really havoc in the house as you won’t be able to keep food items, no cold water, juices and no ice cubes.

Here we present some of the common issues related to refrigerator and their solutions for you.

- Excess ice in a frost free refrigerator - This is the most common issue which is caused by faulty door gasket. If the gasket is faulty, it makes the cold air to seep out and thus making the refrigerator work in excess which causes lot of ice buildup in the refrigerator. The gasket can be easily replaced in order to solve this problem.

- No freezing of water in freezer - The refrigerator is not making ice in the freezer section is one of the biggest problems. This can be checked by seeing that the icemaker is turned off or not. There are times when by mistake it turns off. You just need to check that it is on or off and if it is, then turn it on. If it is on then you need to check the breaker panel, thermostat, vents and the condenser fan which may be causing the problems

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- Noisy refrigerator - The noise from the refrigerator comes majorly from the compressor which is located under the refrigerator, from the condenser fan’s motor or probably from the evaporator fan’s motor which is located inside the refrigerator. You can check by listening to the sound while opening the refrigerator door. If the noise increases then it's probably the evaporator motor’s fan. If it doesn’t, then pull out the refrigerator and try to listen from where the sound is coming. If still you are not able to, then unscrew the back panel and listen. Then you will be able to identify that the sound is coming from the fan or the compressor. You can replace the faulty fan with the new one but if there are issues in compressor, then the only option left is a new refrigerator.

- Water drained inside the refrigerator - This is probably caused by the drain tube when it is blocked. You need to unplug the refrigerator and try to find the drain tube which would be near to the back or bottom of the mail compartment. You can use bleach or other anti-clogging solvents with warm water and clean the tube.


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A refrigerator is usually a simple device which gets some problems which can be easily solved by anyone by just paying attention to the simple methods. But because of the presence of toxic coolants which are kept under pressure in the refrigerator and the sensitive system of refrigerator may be harmful to you and your family. Thus it is very important that if you are not able to identify or check the problem with easy methods, you need to call the professional repairman who would check the problem and also prevent and damage or risk from the problem.


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